Ever wanted to live off-the-grid?

Have you ever wanted to live off-the-grid, but needed some semblance of infrastructure and moderate access to civilization for supplies? Well, I was searching through old photos, and I found the right place for you! It’s a piece of desert land in a remote area of Southern California dubbed “Slab City.” It’s a desert community of people who broke from society for their own personal reasons. One person in particular created a shrine praising Jesus while sending a message of love and hope. This person created this monument, of mostly painted rocks, and called it “Salvation Mountain.” He made this handmade structure with no electricity, no running water, and used only donated paint and rubbish he scavenged from the desert. This is just one of the amazing facts and stories about this place. The history and other legends are too long to post here, but feel free to send me a message. Until then, enjoy these off-the-grid photos.

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