Kericho Gold, Pure Kenya Black Tea

I traveled to Nairobi, and had the opportunity to enjoy several cups of Kericho Gold Black Tea. The blend is savory with a hint of spicy notes. It’s a must try if given the opportunity.

Pistachio Tree Ranch Winery

I’ve aged this bottle of wine for 5 years (you don’t age Zinfandel) and finally popped the cork because I forgot about the bottle. I purchased this bottle at the Pistachio Tree Ranch in Alamogordo, New Mexico. It’s a white Zinfandel infused with Pistacios. I was not impressed with this wine. It carried a light taste with little or no hint of pistachios. The taste was acidic and not balanced. I would not purchase this wine again. 🍷

General’s Ridge Winery

General’s Ridge Winery has a Red Wine that is worth experiencing. It’s a light body, deep red, with a slightly above average sweetness. It’s low in acidity with medium tannin. With its light smell and crisp taste at 12.5% ABV, it’s a perfect springtime red.🍷 🍷 🍷

Shenandoah Valley, Appalachian Trail

I hiked roughly 20 miles of Shenandoah Valley’s section of the Appalachian Trial. It was a pleasant hike with the colorful fall foliage emerging and surrounding me like a huge heavy coat.

Lastly, please enjoy all my photos and leave a comment below. Thank you! Efren

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