The Piano

The Piano One of the greatest things that one can hear is the sweet notes of a piano, perfectly in sync, with powerful words that touch your heart. ~ Efren BuenRostro Jr.

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Morning Walk

Morning walk: The sweet smell of dew kisses your senses. The fog dances across the lake performing a slow ballet. It’s tranquil; you hear each step. The echo of nature clears your mind. Your day has started. ~ Efren BuenRostro Jr.

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A Bubble Bath

You are alone. The lights are dimmed to perfection. A lather and sweet floral smell surrounds you. A kaleidoscope of ever changing colors dance. The warm froth coats you. You fight the slumbersome sensation. A book, music, or candle is the necessary complement. A bubble bath ~ Efren BuenRostro Jr.

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