Hardest Photograph to Take

These are the hardest photographs to take.



5 Comments on “Hardest Photograph to Take”

    • Thanks…believe it or not, but I take all my photographs with my iPhone. I have a good quality digital Camera, but my phone is always glued to my butt. Funny huh? I really appreciate your interest and visit to my blog. Please stay connected.


  1. You have a fan with the “Dragonfly”, the family adopted it when at a memorial service for my daughter in a prairie area where next to a small creek when her ashes were scattered thousands of dragonflies came up from the prairie grasses hovered in the area before flying away. Thank you so much our main symbol is the Blue Dragonfly in your picture. AJM


    • Thank you AJM for the nice comment. Please feel free to use, share, or print the “Dragonfly” photograph as a pleasant reminder of your daughter. I’m sorry to learn of her passing, but please accept my heartfelt thanks for expressing how my photography touched you. Please stay in touch and visit my blog often. I’ll keep my eye out and let you know when I post another dragonfly. Until then, continue to find peace and inspiration.


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