They will grow…

They will grow…

I feel proud and amazed at my son’s simple feat. I stare at his small vegetable garden containing the beginnings a few radishes and squash.

Starting off as a school
Project, his eyes and actions display excitement as he spouts specifics about the two plants. Everyday, we waits in anticipation of growth.

I ask myself, “how can I fertilize his knowledge even more?” Every young boy’s plaything has an equivalent “man toy;” so I brainstorm, and we get to work.

Today, as the gentle rain masks our sweat and stench, we worked to make his first ambitions even greater.

With our skin dyed black with Earth’s rich soil, we build and till our newly constructed 12X8 box filled with the seeds of fruits and vegetables he loves.

We are proud and amazed at our new feat.

They will grow…

By Efren BuenRostro Jr.

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