Mexico City Pyramids

Do you want a breathtaking view of Mexico City’s Pyramid of the Sun (Teotihuacan) and Pyramid of the Moon (Teotihuacan)? If so, several companies offer very economical ballon rides to see these two sister pyramids. The views of the pyramids with a backdrop of the countryside are lasting and a must for adventure seekers!

Mazatlán, Mexico

Mazatlán is a nice tourist destination on Mexico’s west coast that should be added to one’s bucket list. It’s an economical visit with many things to see and do. The tourist area offers nice restaurants and shopping. I recommend the restaurant Ponchos for their large bacon wrapped shrimp; and if one is seeking a comfortable stay with amazing ocean views, I would choose the Holiday Inn. All rooms have an unobstructed Pacific view in eyeshot of two small islands. More importantly, it’s a reasonably priced resort with amenities equivalent to many five star establishments. If I had to choose a single best feature, outside of their premium beachfront location, it’s their rooftop bar. In all, a person would be thrilled, refreshed, and overjoyed with this overall pocket friendly tropical vacation destination.

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